Yuguang (YG) Zhang is a New York-based creative technologist, new media / AI artist, a current Research Resident of the Interactive Media Arts Low Res program at New York University, and a member of Nuum.

An ex-software product manager and artistic director, he took a leap of faith from his mid-career, in pursuit of a vision that embraces the co-creation of human and intelligent machines. Using networked devices and machine learning, he explores ways to make physical and digital avatars for sentient algorithms in an age of autonomous computing systems.

His current practice, which incorporates interactive media, installation, and live performance, focuses on the reciprocal relationship between human and technology, the connections people make with tangible and intangible AI, and the cultural, societal & ethical shifts that come along. His works have been showcased at NeurIPS, aiartonline, ML x Art, the NYC Media Lab Summit, New Inc., CultureHub, La MaMa, Movement Research, Battery Dance Festival, The Center at West Park, Currents New Media Festival, and Processing Foundation community conference in New York, NY, Brown Arts Initiative in Providence, RI, Cycling ‘74 Expo in North Adams, MA, Maxxi - The National Museum of XXI Century Arts at Rome, Fu:bar art festival at Zagreb, Beijing Times Arts Museum, B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival in Shanghai and more.

He received his master's degree at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU in 2020, where he continued his research as a research resident for the following year. He has been actively engaged in traditional West African music and dance performance since 2014, and he is a contributor to the open source machine learning library ml5.js.

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Residencies / Fellowships

Research Resident, Interactive Media Arts Low Res, New York University, New York, NY
SloMoCo Micro Residency, New York, NY

Virtual Performance Residency, The Center at West Park, New York, NY
Research Resident, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University, New York, NY
M·U·S·E (Multi-Use Space for Experimentation) Residency at Danspace Project, New York, NY

Awards / Grants

2021 S+T+ARTS Award for Nemo Biennial, Paris, France
2021 Re:Humanism AI Art Prize, Rome, Italy (3rd)
2019 NYCDH Digital Humanities Graduate Student Project Award, First Prize, New York, NY
2018 & 2019 Tisch School of The Arts Award, New York, NY

Selected Exhibitions / Performances

Doppelgänger, Media Art Xploration, New York Live Arts, New York, Nov (upcoming)
Mass 2.0, Currents New Media, Santa Fe, June
(Non-)Human:The Moving Bedsheet, Maxxi - The National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome, Italy, May 5-31
Walking Mass I / II / III, CultureHub, Mar - May
Left and Right, or Being who/where you are, Brown Arts Initiative, Feb 10-14

(Non-)Human, NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design, Dec 12
MASS (Connectedness), B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival, Shanghai / New York. Oct 1 - 2
Networked: CUT, Movement Research, New York, NY. Jun 30
Generative Photography, Re-Fest, CultureHub, New York, NY. Mar 12 - 14
3 AM, EdgeCut, New Inc., New York, NY. Feb 27
Machine Timing, RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit, San Francisco, CA. Jan 30 - 31

3 AM, The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY. Dec 6
Dissolved, /’fu̧:bar/ Glitch Art Festival 2019, Zagreb, Croatia. Oct 5 - 11
Machine Timing, NYC Media Lab, New York, NY. Sep 26
Cats, Cycling ’74 Expo, North Adams, MA, Apr 27
Matchman, Processing Community Day at The New School, New York, NY. Feb 9

The Invisible Bird, ITP Winter Show, New York, NY. Dec 16 – 17
Haunted Museum, NYU GMTWP, New York, NY. Oct 27
Duniyama, Wula Drum and Dance Retreat, Pocono Valley, PA. Sep 15

2017 and earlier
Walk with Me, Guangzhou International Media Harbor, Guangzhou, China. Dec 31, 2017
Dununbe, The 4th Shenzhen Drummer Festival, Shenzhen, China. Aug 6, 2016
Sewa Concert Tour, Lai Kok Community Hall, Hong Kong. Dec 20, 2015

Artist Talks

Panel Talk - 2020 vs. Creativity, B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival, Shanghai, China. Sep 18 (Chinese)
Artist Interview: Generative Photography, Re-Fest 2020, CultureHub, New York, NY. Mar 12
Artist Talk: Generative Photography, Arts at University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI. Feb 24
Generative Photography: From Pinhole to GANs: an ongoing experiment to find emotional impact for machine-generated visuals, Processing Community Day NYC, The New School, New York, NY. Feb 8
GAN-Movie: An experiment on Using Machine Learning to Generate Short Film, Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus, New York, NY. Feb 3


Yorb - Venue for Experimental 3D Performance & Interactions, Spring 21', ITP NYU, New York
Live Art & Digital Culture Workshop, Spring 21', Emerson College, Boston, MA

Intro to Computational Media Workshop Series, Fall 20', ITP NYU, New York
Intro to Physical Computing Workshop Series, Fall 20', ITP NYU, New York
Intro to TouchDesigner Workshop, Fall 20', ITP NYU, New York
"Online Live Performance, Not Just a Camera Recording", Summer 20', ITP Camp, NYU, New York

Publications / Press

Art blends humanity and artificial intelligence, here it is Re:Humanism, speakart
Arte e intelligenza artificiale. I vincitori della seconda edizione del premio Re:humanism, Artribune
A Slice of Shared Self, Adjacent Issue 8, ITP & IMA, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

(Non-)Human, Heavy Iridescent Issue One: Consciousness, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Could AI be the future of Art?, by Sarah Wilson, RE•WORK

Foot Roller, Adjacent Issue 6, ITP & IMA, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU