MAXmachina | Media Art Xploration, New York Live Arts (upcoming Nov)

Doppelgänger is a duet for a solo performer and a live stream of the same performer, co-created with Nuum Collective. This project is in development phase.


To manufacture a dialogue between the self and the self “just a few moments ago,” the latency endemic to streaming technologies is exaggerated and manipulated. To what extent is life and our experience of the passage of time an ongoing conversation with ourselves? Is what I do now merely a response to what I did 2 seconds, minutes, years, decades ago? Or is it the beginning of a new thought? If a life is a conversation between the current, past and future selves, what happens when you collapse that linear conversation (monologue) and experience it in parallel (dialogue)? Does it become more or less comprehensible? Does such an exchange constitute a true conversation or merely one that is believably true?