Jun 2020 @Movement Research
Jun 2020 @ITP Camp
May 2020 @Movement Lab, Barnard College

As performances move online, what do we gain or lose? How do we work with the constraints e.g. the delay, the cut-off, the 2D flat surface, the additive light from the screen? How do we make people feel close, sense textures, experience the same time, lean forward and focus? How can we leverage on the internet, the keyboard, the mouse, the camera?

Cut is the first piece of a series of experiments, ‘Online Live Performance’ (OLP), that explores what makes ‘Live Performances’ unique -- how we can translate these qualities in an online context using a 2-dimensional digital stage, WebRTC, and a simple computational system that controls where the "Cutting" on stage should happen. It is co-created by me & Nuntinee Tansrisakul.

Music Credits:
It Is Time: I. Metronome · So Percussion

For more ongoing experiments, please visit:
Instagram @onlineliveperformance