Oct 2020 @ B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival
Oct 2020 @ Downtown Variety, CultureHub / La MaMa, New York

‘Mass Connectedness’ is one of the four-part series, ‘Online Live Performance’ (OLP), an ongoing research created in response to Covid-19. The other parts include Online Identity, Fragmentation, and Machine Intervention. In OLP, we ask ourselves what it means for live performances to be online - What do we gain or lose? How do we connect and be in the ‘same-time’? How do we sense each other?

The nature of human connection has been offbeat and unique in the past few months. While the physicality and materiality of our presence are streamlined into flat screens and 2-channel audio, the scale and pace of communication and time spent consuming media have never been higher and more rapid. Browser windows have become our literal windows into the world. But, what has our connection to others become? Are we just one of the millions of people online? How do we individualistically be part of a crowd and not get lost? And, how do we stimulate and heighten the sense of connection?

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